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I have watched the development of crowdfunding over the past years and started Crowdfunding Campaigner Magazine as a personal project reviewing the specific areas of growth.

Having spent a year looking at defining the concept while watching the platforms take hold in the market my concern grew as they announced success rates were still low while the volume of campaigns continued to grow as do the number of platforms that enter the market.

In response to my concern and now having spent six months in development Crowdfunding Campaigner Magazine targets improving crowdfunding success rates by having contributors that have a similar passion as myself in crowdfunding as well as the general idea of seeing entrepreneurs and start-ups succeed through achieving the funds required to meet their goals.

I believe that we are going through exciting times with crowdfunding paving the way as the market is acknowledged globally and rules and regulations are being addressed to support this time of change and also referred to as disruption.

I thank my valued contributors for their patience and support and hope you enjoy the first issue and please feel free in providing feedback in support of the magazine and the future of crowdfunding.

This Months Issue – October – Crowdfunding Campaigner Magazine

Colin Cesvette Founder & Managing Director of Crowdfunding Campaigner Magazine

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Colin Cesvette is the founder of Jamaica-Breeze and as an internet marketer has held a Web CEO Professional Internet Marketer Certification since 2008. Jamaica-Breeze takes a strategic approach to internet marketing by establishing insights that highlight internal and external factors that impact your business. The aim as an internet marketing consultant is to create an internet strategy that is proactive rather than reactionary to market pressures. Supported by analytical reporting that provides visibility of business activity in the areas of demand and pressure an internet strategy enables clients to make the decisions required to develop opportunities, meet the needs of their target audience and increase your ROI.


  1. Hi Colin,

    I must commend you and your team for a fantastic work! I have been a crowdfunding enthusiast as well since 2010 and I must say I like the idea of the magazine. I have two crowdfunding platforms of my own in a different niches and geographical locations. Having a magazine like this will help bring everybody who is a “professional ” and working within the CF industry, together.

    I will be delighted to contribute to this magazine from time to time .

    Well done to a great project.